Any tips how to get more refferal?

@cross10 (506)
May 17, 2008 11:34am CST
I try to advertise on several place, but i only get 5 referal, and they didn't do nothing, does it happen to you? Is there any way to get an active referal? Please share the tips in here, i really apriciate that and thank you for that
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• United States
17 May 08
I would say to start blogging. Although it doesn't always work, it works for some. I have 0 referrals my self :[ ~Noodlebrain0
17 May 08
It's a numbers game - -you probably heard that before, but it's true !! Put your information out there, be honest and sincere and let people know you're there to help them....not just to make money. And this all will work in your favor. All the best !! - Shaklee Lady
@Dorislee (209)
• China
18 May 08
Actually, I don't have any referals myself, but I think I must be included in someone else's referrals. I didn't try to get any referral for myself,it's one reason, another reason is that I don't think anyothers would like to be other's referral. So, it seemed that I'm always alone here or there.
• Philippines
18 May 08
how about flyers? i think it'd be useful.
@Logue92 (74)
17 May 08
Tbh i find the best way is to post on money related forums (dont spam otherwise people get annoyed) just make 1 post leave your link, explain the website features. Provide proof if possible to reassure the referral. Also leave your msn and assure them you will guide them through any problems, also provide proof of your paid or current earnings. Also if you have msn messenger email your friendslist and put it in your screen name. These are the best tips i can give you, start with close friends and family as these are the people who will trust you. Good luck i also find that when im not looking for referrals i get them. I currently have 7 for 3 of them just turned up unexpected. ( ^^ Also join the above link best i have found so far ^^) Good luck with finding some referrals.
@anujain75 (1069)
• India
17 May 08
I also face similar problem in mylot.I have 5 referrals two of them are my friend and another 3 I got from a blogging site.That site doesnot pay them any money but they are more interested in working for that site.None of them are active. Now I think I should buy some referrals.Like if someone sign under me and whatever I earn from him or her I will pay 25% of that amount to the person.