CashMyBux - Earn 25% of my referral earnings!

May 17, 2008 11:50am CST
I am giving you the chance to sign up to one of my programs, and get paid 1/4 of the money you earn me back to your paypal. The program is CashMyBux, which is a trusted PTC, and it offers $0.01 per click and 100% referral earnings.They pay via PayPal. The admin is cool, he makes payouts usually within a few hours and he has paid out $100's since opening. Payout proofs can be seen on thier forums. If you would like to take up this offer, please can you go to my profile, and on the right hand side, and click on the CashMyBux link. Then when you sign up, please could you enter "Duffrynmad" into the referrer box. When you have completed that, please could you send an e-mail to (or alternatively add me on Mylot as a friend, and then send me a PM), stating your CashMyBux username, and your paypal email for the payments. I will then issue you your $0.25 when you have performed 100 clicks, and will do so for every 100 clicks you perform for me on their website. This is a very hard thing to do considering they have 15 links a day minimum. I am doing this offer because I would like you to earn a little bit extra money than what you would do if you just clicked by yourself, and in the meantime, you will be helping me to acummulate $10 in my paypal account, which I will use then to credit my account on Thanks for reading, David Spring
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• China
18 May 08
It a good idea to attract referrals but personally I think your give back rate is kinda low. A common give back rate is 60-80 percent of your referral earning
• United States
26 May 08
really? - i think then he would get nothing, or close to it, as paypal charges a fee for standard e-mail transfers... not that i know anything about it, as this is actually the first time i've ever heard of a "give back rate"