Are diabetics suffering for no reason?

United States
May 17, 2008 12:10pm CST
A conversation here at myLot about a woman's husband who was just diagnosed with diabetes got me thinking about this subject. Diabetics are still being given completely incorrect information about how to manage their disease. For instance, read this article: When I first started reading the Atkins book I encountered a similar story about a diabetic who was developing a leg ulcer, had out-of-control blood sugar, went on the Atkins diet and her leg healed. Now this story, from a different source and a different country. And they're *still* telling diabetics that diabetes is caused by eating fat. How is that even possible? Diabetes is a disorder of your *sugar* metabolism. The chemical reactions are completely different. If you don't believe me, and if you have a glucose meter, do an experiment. Before you eat breakfast, take your fasting glucose. Then eat a tablespoon of butter or margarine. Then measure your blood sugar like you normally would after a meal. Then eat a tablespoon of sugar and watch what happens. What should happen is that after the pure fat, your blood sugar should hardly budge at all. You probably know what will happen after the sugar. So why is a food substance being blamed that has nothing whatsoever to do with the disease? It is bizarre watching this play out in the media and the medical community, though. And it scares me to know that the people who make healthcare policy in the United States (and possibly in Britain) do not look at the research, do not use the brains God gave them or the science background they got at school, completely stick their heads in the ground and give diabetics bass-ackwards information that will actually kill them rather than help them get better. You would think that after years of diabetics being told to eat high-carb, low-fat diets and dying from diabetes-related illnesses anyway, someone in authority would have figured out it's not working. I guess they tell themselves it's because diabetics don't follow their advice. I wish there were real legal consequences for doctors and other medical providers who give bad advice. We're all over herbalists and other alternative medicine practitioners for being quacks but doctors are off-limits unless they kill someone on an operating table, then you have to sue them to get any justice. To heck with that. Let's start putting them in jail and then maybe they'd start doing their frigging jobs right.
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