Rock Band

United States
May 17, 2008 2:16pm CST
Has anyone played guitar hero or rock band?? I think there awesome and way addictive lemme know what you think?
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@underdogtoo (9588)
• Philippines
18 May 08
No, I haven't played guitar hero, I must live in the backwoods. But I did play some guitar back in the day. One day, I saw guitar hero on tv and I thought it was something powerful and cool. Rock on!!
• United States
19 May 08
lol. It is an aweosome game. It's just like playing the gutiar only on a system. You should def tryit. Were are u from?
• United States
7 Jul 08
I played Guitar Hero once and didn't really like it. But we played Rock Band on Saturday, and I got to sing for several songs. That one was fun! :) I don't normally like singing in front of people, but my "audience" was all behind me, so it was okay. :)
• Greenland
13 Jun 08
Like the best game I've ever played I could say!! :D I don't have the money to go for a guitar but I am halfway throw the expert with the keyboard try and beat that! :D (wow sometimes I think a keyboard will grow under my fingers :S it's like my natural extension now xaxa)
• Singapore
4 Jun 08
i know i reply this discussion quite late but i just wanna add something. hahahaha i've played it and still playing but i use the normal controller because i could not afford the guitar. i hope that i can save enough money to buy it. hahahaha. it's a cool game though. so addictive!!! i think it will be more fun with the guitar. hahahahha thinking of buying rockband too because i wanna play the drums!! drums are so cool. hahahaha