Light Treatment

May 17, 2008 6:32pm CST
I have been having UVA light treatment for my P for about a month now, and it's cleared it up immensley. Where it has been, there are still slight pink marks, but the raised areas have gone completley :) There's also UVB light treatment, but I'm not sure what the difference is? Anyone know? Has anyone else ever tried this? Was it successful?
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@irishguy (14)
• Ireland
2 Jul 08
Hi, Ive had both treatments over the years and found that while they worked in the short term the condition came back after 4-6 months. I was about 70% covered and finally ended up on biologics about three years ago. They seem to work and have it under control to some degree. I'm using embrel.
@cwgiii (58)
• United States
17 Jun 08
I am doing UVB now since Jan. 08 What a total difference. I no longer have the lesions but I have to keep doing treatments at least once a week or it starts to come back.