Which is the best Advertising Network for advertisers?

May 17, 2008 11:56pm CST
I know most of the people will tell Adsense. Fine. But it's too easy to cheat with adsense, due to its simple registration process. Just make an account in Blogger.com and write anything (1 post is enough!) and submit registration query to adsense, that's all! So, many cheaters are growing their income by the method called "Click Exchange". Such cheaters do clicks for each other using chatting clients like Yahoo Messanger etc. So, it's evident that if you are an advertiser that wants to put ads on quality content sites (genuine sites), you should not choose adsense. But one thing is sure, only adsense can give you massive traffic :) In this sense, I like to recommend Ad Networks having some requirements to become a publisher of. So, what's your opinion about this?
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