Non-stop dandruff!!

May 18, 2008 2:19am CST
I gathered dandruff around March and I have been using a shapoo called T-GEL ever since. It gradually went away but now I'm getting big flakes and I'm not sure if it is because of me using a different shampoo (I used it because I had ran out of T-GEL and I thought that the T-GEL had done all it could). Have you got any suggestions as to why my dandruff will not go away and how to cure it? Any suggestions will be really helpful. Thank you :)
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• Philippines
18 May 08
I usually get dandruff when I switch brands of shampoo. I suggest you stick with a brand that doesn't cause you dandruff.
18 May 08
Thanks for the advice:)
@arcidy (5015)
• United States
21 May 08
I know all about dandruff since I have it and its a big problem. I had so much dandruff that it looked like snow was on my head lol. None of the shampoos worked for me I use to use head and sholders but that didnt work. But my mom finally found a shampoo that works and ever sice I started to use it I dont have a dandruff problem anymore I would tell you the name of it but I forgot it lol.
• India
12 Jun 08
Try Nizoral shampoo. It contains ketakonazole which reduces the dandraff, though its little bit costly.
2 Jul 08
I got it and it worked. It was complimentary seeing as though it was associated with the NHS!
• United States
25 May 08
i could be wrong but i believe T-Gel shampoo has Tea tree oil in it. i have heard if you use too much of it, it can dry out your scalp and cause dryness. so becareful how much you use. if it does have this oil in it it would be best if you used the other shampoos during most of the time and use the T-Gel once or twice a week. you also might thing about useing a good conditioner instead of an all in one. but dont buy from the cheap shelf in the supermarket of pharmacy. go to a salon. its more expensive true but its far better quality. the shampoos that are sold in your regular stores only clean your hair, they dont do anything for your hair and scalp. the shampoos and conditioners that are sold in salons are professional backed products and they work wonders. i have problems with my scalp too and thats what i had to do. hope that helps.
27 May 08
T-Gel was working for me and I do use a seperate conditioner that doesn't cause my dandruff. T-Gel is a special dandruff shampoo recommened and bought from my local pharmacy. I'm really confused about why I have dandruff coming off my eyebrows?
• United States
25 May 08
This one worked for my husband's case. He tried using just about anything discussed here and in other health forums but to no avail... among them, Head and Shoulders shampoo seemed to work little miracles but it only up to minimizing it, and he was ok with it, at least it wasn't massive and obvious anymore. Then one day at the groceries, I was intending to get his usual Head and Shoulders shampoo when I carelessly took the conditioner. We both didn't know I got the wrong one until he totally run out of the old stuff and started using the conditioner. He told me about it and was hoping he or I had a chance during the day to drop by the store to get the right one. We were too busy for the next 3 days or so, but then realized that his dandruff was literally gone. The only trade off though is that his hair appeared to be a bit oily, or technically creamier than usual. And it's not a bad thing at all, especially when you get used to it. So for a couple of years now, he's dandruff-free. Just sharing...