Want to become an actress!

May 18, 2008 2:48am CST
I have always loved drama! Drama is my life to me! If I couldn't have any drama in my life then I wouldn't manage it! I am just so passionate about drama! I am 11 years old by the way and in year 7. I acted in my house play as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins and I won 1 of the 2 best young actresses awards. That it the first award that I have ever won and it is just not enough. I live in the UK and I want to be a well known actress from my age now. Just like Emma, Daniel and Rupert from Harry Potter. My idol used to be Dani Harmer from Tracy Beaker too. I can't get into a drama school right now but in September I am starting a drama school (considering I get a place). The problem is that they don't have an agency though. I know another place with an agency but they dont do drama GCSE's (I cannot do a Drama GCSE in my grammar school)but the one my mum wants me to go to does do Drama GCSE's. I cannot afford my own agent though! I want to act on TV, reason 1 being that I love Drama, reason 2 is that I love perfroming and reason 3 is that I want to show all the people that bully me and put me down that I can be a star and be popular, and that I can be strong and live my life better than they would expect. If you have any advice for me to get on TV for auditions and whatever then please, please can you help me out and give me an answer! Thanks :)
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