Do you like to live wirefree?

May 18, 2008 5:21am CST
We all use wired networks at large to communicate.However,wireless allows you to get rid off wires and still communicating with others. In near future, you are quite likely to see wireless devices to free up great amount of space that is caused by wires. Wireless revolution is about to begin. Are you ready to live wireless?
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@jesbellaine (4142)
• Philippines
18 May 08
Yup, it is cool to have a wireless function at home, atleast, I can bring the laptop anywhere in the house and still get connected to it but sometimes, it is more secure and easy to connect with wire.
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@bjcyrix (6907)
• Philippines
18 May 08
Hi! Yeah I agree and I am so ready. Im really bummed with all my gadgets' wires being tangled up in a big mess. I dont want to yank too hard for fear that the actual wires inside the plastic casings might break from my frustration of untangling them. It would be really easy if my gadgets dont have any wires so I can use them and take them anywhere and everywhere I want without having the problem on where to put all the wires that are needed along with it. I know that the wireless revolution is already starting with the mobile phones and stuff but I dont think I will be able to experience the full capacity of the wireless world. I guess I might be able to live with some of them but the future generations are a lot luckier in terms of technology. I just hope that humankind will be able to tap all the possibilities in this world before it ends.
• Singapore
18 Apr 10
Yeah, I like to live wireless. Most of my Internet connection are wireless now with wireless broadband services. I think it's much easier way to get connected this way and you don't have the problem of wires entangling one another.
• India
18 Mar 09
Wireless revolution is not coming very fast because a lot of cost involved in this. For example for construcing a simple lan using wired cat5 cables and a switch costs around 1500/- for the same using wireless router and wireless lan cards costs around 15000/-. So for the wirelessboom to come very fast cost of wireless products have to be reduced . I like wirefree but it is not 100% possible to get wirefree network without wired network.Wirefree has to compulsery depends on wired network.Both are close friends.We should not seperate them
@ferdzNK (3213)
• Philippines
20 May 08
I agree with you, in fact I am using one now. The prices of components for connecting one is relatively cheap, the difference compared to a wired setup is not that much. Configuring it is almost the same except for the security features but materials of setting it up is abundant on the web. One you've setup the base its easier to add work stations or related peripherals far more simpler than using wires.