Friendship,the most valueable treasure we have.

May 18, 2008 9:44pm CST
Friends,when you are helpless ,they help you;when you are in troouble ,they help you;when you are in bad mood,they help you.I just want to say friendship is the most valueable thing we have in our life.
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@excellence7 (3496)
• Mauritius
19 May 08
Love is a blessing...It is the sharing of happiness..happiness is such a wealth that the more you spend, the more it increases...friendship also is the keep adding friends and let's all be friends here..:)
@welshdai (77)
19 May 08
i argee with you that friendship is most valueable thing we have along side family in my eyes,i got got some really good friends who look out for me and i trust a lot,and i do the same for them,i think you need good friends in life to help yourself just get thought life.
@pree_6 (434)
• India
19 May 08
you are right and i completely agree with u...friends are the persons one can depend friends are my advisers,guides,philosophers and what not...they are very loving and caring..they are the people who listen to us..not all friends are the same...there are only few people who can be very close and really mean to be friends forever...i have 7 best friends and they are too good...i have also made few friends on mylot and i see them giving replies to every other discussion i its nice to have friends...i think i am rich as i have many friends who are so very valuable to me..
• Philippines
19 May 08
YEAh...we can't deny that some times FRIENDS are better than our family..!! but we can't also argue the fact that BLOOD is thicker than when no one is around not even friends is around there' always be a family whom we can go turn back around our troubles and worries in life because THERE's no PLACE like "HOME".. one thing also than can surely be around just with us every time it is unseen bUT is in our heart always the "GOD" almighty above....don't ever forget him he's just with us... all we need is knock, ask and call him ...and he won't ever hesitate to LAY up us ... #jam# ~live life~ keep it simple***
@sunying (74)
• China
19 May 08
yeah,I agree with you.Friends are important to us.They help us come across difficulties,do things that make us happy when we feel bad,and share their happiness with us.So we should treasure them,and do as they do.With good friends,everyday is a bright day
• United States
19 May 08
I agree upon this situation. I have lots of great friends, especially on mylot. If anyone is helpless and in bad situation, I will be there for that person. And GOD knows that what each of every one of us need. God is always our King and Father of life and love. As we pray to HIM in Jesus' name, we feel the Spirit flow in us.