What its like in Triniidad.

Trinidad And Tobago
May 18, 2008 10:02pm CST
Well, in Trinidad, Secondary school soccer begins in September but its still going on and very intense. Presently, there are matches between clubs in the country and its really fun to look on and spectate. The only thing that's been very sad and grave is the fact that because of one of the Caribbean's exams (CAPE) has been postponed it led to the suicide of a young man who has been playing football in my school. He was very active and no one has been looking out for this. The team had made the inter-col team and had done well. This young man had to receive the Principal Award at the 2008 graduation ceremony. Unfortunately his mother will have to receive it for him. Football has been a success throughout this year and we're looking forward to another great year starting from September this year.
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