Anybody ever successfully break a cat's bad habits?

United States
May 19, 2008 5:39am CST
My cat has a little... *problem* with thinking outside the box, as it were. Now, she goes Number Two in her litterbox, and sometimes she pees there too, but a lot of the time when I go clean her box, there's no pee in it. She has peed on the carpet in the past, especially when she began going into heat (she is spayed now), and I think she just made a habit of it and never quit. I had to start putting her in the other bedroom and shutting her in at night fairly early on because I didn't trust her to have the run of the apartment. Now that bedroom carpet's a mess. I have a plan for reclaiming the carpet and maybe breaking her of this (nicely, of course--last thing we need is a neurotic cat trying to break a habit), but I guess it would be nice if someone out there's ever been in the same boat as me and had to deal with this and was successful at it. Because I'm not looking forward to going through with all this crap only to find she still pees on the carpet at the end of it. Sigh.
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@bertuah (60)
19 May 08
Hi...I think I have the same problems. I used to have some cats which were so stubborn and hard to train. We manage to keep those cats in the house so that they will not run away or wondering in other places. They easily get lost because they cannot find the way home...If I can find a technique to train my cat..then my life would be my happier..
@golfproo (1839)
• Canada
19 May 08
Hi, I am dealing with a similar problem right now. My cat always goes the bathroom right around the litterbox...but not in it. He has never done this before but over the last 6 months it is all he does. I dont really get it but have been looking for answers. The only thing that works at all is to keep the litter very clean. That still does not work so great however. cheers,