Enchanted: Have you seen this movie?

@shell52 (144)
United States
May 19, 2008 9:57am CST
I don't very often buy movies to watch, but we got Enchanted on Pay Preview. It was a delight to just make a couple of clicks, and it came right when scheduled. I have to say, I was as excited as in a movie theater when it came on. Anyway, it is absolutely delightful. The colors and animations are wonderful, but I love the story. The Princess in her Fairy Tale world has no concience, personality, or charactor flaws, but joins the real world and finds what true love really is, along with developing emotions that begin to make her a real person. I like the whit through the whole story. How many of you have seen it and did you enjoy it?
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
16 Aug 12
A superb movie with a brilliant script, Amy Adams is great, you loves from start to finish, attract you charm, beauty and her naivety, a combination of video and drawing, which to my surprise is great, a movie an original screenplay and best put on tape, watching a movie from the smallest family member to the oldest, movie which I recommend highly, worth seeing.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
"Enchanted" is on of my favorite movie of all time. It's so romantic, funny and wholesome. I love Amy Adams' voice and her dresses (they're so cute). Best of all, the soundtrack is amazing. Listening to "true love's kiss" makes me look back to my pigtails and lacy dresses years...sitting on the window pane and dreaming of my knight in shining armor. "working song" reminds me to hum while doing my unending household chores and wishes that my adorable maltese/poodle puppy baby Dallas can help me mop the floor..sigh** I've watched it more or less 10 times already and still counting... It may have a fairy tale theme...but it's a no nonsense movie...because when you dig deeper...it makes you realize that everything happens for a reason...and you can do nothing to stop it...
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
this is one of my favorite movies. it's just that it such a feel-good one and could recommend to everyone especially kids would love it and i don't know, there's just something in the movie that you wanna watch over and over. disney did a great job on creating this one. the songs are awesome too. love it
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
Enchanted is a disney wonder movie. Cheer up dear soul. The world can be yours if you let your heart BELIEVE in ever after.
@raydene (9874)
• United States
27 Jun 08
Hi Shell Yes I did see the movie and thought it was cute. I doubt I'd see it again though.. I will seldom watch a movie twice. Someone was thinking when they made the movie. xooxoxxoo
@elitess (5071)
• Ipswich, England
19 May 08
I have seen the movie, i even bought the book after that, both are great. I love the plot of the movie, the actions, the characters, all of it. Disney sure knows how to keep a good reputation with quality movies that surprise us every time. It is one of the best movies i have ever seen in my opinion. Take care.
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
19 May 08
I've watch the movie enchanted and i like it.