Thieves in my nieghborhood!

United States
May 19, 2008 1:42pm CST
Well I hate to say I told him so,but I did.I got a wierd feeling about a month ago that we should be a little more secure about the things outside our house.So I told my husband That he needed to move his tools or anything else of value off our carport,and put it in the out building under lock and key.because I had a feeling that someone would soon be picking up anything they could get thier hands on.Also I started making sure my car is always locked,because you can only get the door to the gas tank open from the inside.Because I started feeling that soon someone might be looking to steal gas.We have two cars,but we only drive one,because it's the best on gas and the other needs a tire we can't buy yet.Well like I said,on the one we drive you can only get access to the tank from the inside.The other car isn't that way,but if anyone tried to get gas from it they would be out of luck,cause there's none in it.When the time comes that we do start using that one again,a locking gas cap will go on it as soon as the gas is put in. Well the police officer across the street had the gas stolen out of his boat! My nieghbors and I suspect that we have druggies living near by.Sometimes they raise hell late at night,and that pretty much gives them away.And everyone has an idea who to watch out for.We are all securing our property and gas tanks.And I might mention that we all have guns too.
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
19 May 08
oh I know how horrible it is to feel insecure in your own home, I have been robbed twice and it is an awful feeling, I have window grills up at every opening window in my house and always keep doors locked, I can remember when I was a little girl we used to sleep in summer with windows wide open and we never bothered about locking is so sad.. I thought cars these days had petrol tanks that couldn't be drained, maybe only in this country...I hope you work things out you have to feel safe in your own space.