throw off our life's garbage.......

May 19, 2008 9:25pm CST
I happened to watch Bro. Bo Sanches (Kerygma) last night and I was touched by his message. It is about stepping up even if somebody's putting you down.He meant the garbage of life.There was this donkey which has fallen into a pit. Two farmers happened to pass by but unable to find a way to lift the donkey out of the pit. They just decided to bury the donkey since they couldn't find a way out for the donkey. So they started to shovel throwing off soil into the pit. Meanwhile, the donkey in the pit kept screaming, and feeling all the soil being thrown at him, just shakes it off and steps up. The farmers continued to shovel and the donkey also continued to shake of and step up. As the two farmers continue working, they wondered to themselves why the scream of the donkey grew louder and it was then that they knew, the donkey was already out of the pit. Life's like that. We should never give up even if other's are throwing garbage at us. Others may hurt us, betray us but we just have to let it pass, shake it off and step up. There's end to to our suffering. Let God's wonder work in our lives and we will surely be out of the pit...
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@giokhim (32)
• China
20 May 08
Thank you for this message. I like the story about the donkey. It's very inspiring. It's actually what I need right now because I have just started my job and the one who is training me is not taking me seriously. I need to gather up my gears and prove that i'm capable with God's help of course. thanks again..
• Philippines
20 May 08
everything that's happening to us has its own reason. It's just a test of our character. Perhaps your boss is just testing you on how you handle things even if you are under pressure. I believe in you. You have talent and you will go through with everything With God's help of course.......thanks for the response.
• China
21 May 08
It's not actually my boss, its the one whom I'll be replacing for. I feel that she is not teaching me everything she knows.. Well thanks for the encouragement! I needed that!:)