Webpage Acting Up & I Need HELP!

United States
May 20, 2008 2:11am CST
OK, so I'm having problems with the site, http://www.experienceproject.com and I've had this problem before but not recently. I mean, a few weeks ago, the site started acting up on a Windows 98 harddrive I had but now it's acting up on a Windows XP harddrive. I don't get it, it's been acting fine all last week and now the page won't even load up when I put the address in the toolbar. I have a wireless connection and the connection is very low, sometimes very good or even excellent but it still fails to work. Is it the site? Is it my computer? This is one of my favorite sites and I have a lot of friends there, so can someone help me fix it. Whenever I go there and it doesn't work, here are a few of the options the site gives me to resume the page: (1) Please make sure the computer is connected to the Internet; (2) If you have a network firewall installed, please make sure your firewall is not preventing the browser from accessing the Internet; (3) Make sure the address is spelled correctly; (4) Continue to surf the web. I know I'm connected, my computer's firewall is off, the address is spelled correctly, and I don't want to surf the web. I need help A/S/A/P!!!!!
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