Why do people still support Animal Righs ideology after this?

@Perry123 (363)
May 20, 2008 7:38am CST
I can't believe people still don't know about it but it seems they don't. http://www.petakillsanimals.com/petaTrial2.cfm Yes. PETA one of the many animal rights organisaions failed to rehome animals they were given and acually euthanised them. A multi million dollar organisation cannot find the resources to care for anmals until they are rehomed. Even organisations like the RSPCA in the uk do the same; euthanising around 100 000 animals a year. Both use vast financial resources on cmpaigns against things like fur, pedigree breeding, foxhunting, greyhound racing etc yet do this. In addition, the ideological roots of Animal Rights lies in Nazism. Heinrich Himmler coind the phrase, and the Nazis for example banned cooking of lobsters and foxhunting; http://www.kaltio.fi/index.php?494 Modern animal rights organisations are no less sinister. Some of these quotes from animal rights leaders are apalling: http://www.animalrights.net/quotes.html what should frighten every animal lover is that they all share the idea of the eventual elimination of domestic animals. That means dogs cats and horses aswell as chickens and sheep and cows. The idea is that animals are better off being exterminated than being "used" by man, so the PETA killings should not surprise anyone. They are not animal lovers but people haters; and the frightening way they take the moral high ground to justify themselves has parallels with the Nazis. On the other side, they have some well dodgy financial motivations and support; and because they are such powerful advertisers, the media are afraid to say anything bad about them. IFAW for example are often seen as a "good" organisaion for animals yet the World Conservation Union (IUCN)consistently refuse them access as their ideas are based on animal righs ideology which conflicts with the best Conservation ideology: the idea of sustainable and traditional animal use being the least dangerous economic activity for humans. Synthtics and intensive arable crops for example are far worse in the long run as they are so destructive to habitat. One only has to look at the vast Sami reindeer herds and fur trade yet the way their wilderness is unchanged for thousands of years to know that is true. Back to finances. Check this out: http://www.activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/oid/136 That is the HSUS but you can check out PETA and IFAW there too. And also many Animal rights organisations rely on propaganda they are not above staging: http://www.furcommission.com/news/newsC7.htm Of course what happens is that so many urban people, particularly urban youth, have little knowledge of nature, food and fur production etc. so believe much of the false propaganda. Because young musicians are basically concerned about animals and and publicity, PETA for example have been able to use them to get their message across to gullible youth. So. Again I draw your attention to this; http://www.petakillsanimals.com/petaTrial2.cfm please now if you have any real interest in animals help expose animal Rights groups like peTa by pasing that on. But my question is simply: how on earth when all this is now known do people still continue to support them?
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@laglen (19759)
• United States
20 May 08
That was a great post thank you for that! I work with animals, am an animal lover and would NEVER support fanatics like that. I admit, I like steak. That they want to abolish animal agriculture is insane. Our bodies are meant to digest this. I do believe that even cows should be treated humanely, but you certainly can achieve this and eat them! These organizations are just fanatics and we should look to terminate them before our animals!
@pyewacket (43903)
• United States
21 May 08
No---organizations like this don't want to completely eliminate animal agriculture...but the concept of farm factories which is something entirely different and where animals are treated in the most inhumane way possible..I'm far from a vegan myself and yes do eat meat but I buy organic meats that are family farm raised rather than farm factory. If you've ever seen the videos about farm factory raised animals then you would know about this...and PETA isn't the only one to have brought this issue up but the Humane Society of the US...they were the ones that brought the issue of downed cows that are slaughtered and mixed with the "good meat"--this is what happened some months ago, and due to this downed cow beef created the largest recall of beef in US history due to contamination
@Perry123 (363)
22 May 08
I think that you don't have to believe in animal rights to want animals treated well. Common sense should tell us that the better an animal is treated the better the meat , fur performance etc.I am afraid that you haven't read the links to what the leadrs of the Animal Rights movemnt are saying. Not only do they clearly state their opposition to all animal agriculture, but also the abolition of pets, eradction of all domestic breeds including cats and dogs etc. Yes you are correct about conditions for many animals on factory farms...but you will find the strongest opponents of this among traditional farmrs who have been crushed by having to compete with the prices of factory farmed meat. Many farmers in the UK operate at a loss but still maintan decent animal welfare until such a time where we get a government that understands farming. Take a look around you and see the green fields with animals grazing and healthy. And that is why Welsh lamb scotth beef and englsh pork are far better than intensively farmed versions from abroad.
• United States
1 Jul 08
thats insane. I swear wealthy countries do nothing but whine about everything. you don't see africa complaining about stupid crap like this. They are trying to stop aids and killers and starvation from poverty. People need to find something better to improve. Animals are not better then humans they might as well be running around with ketchup on their heads.
20 May 08
Why do people support animal rights? Is it maybe something to do with the fact that they believe animals are entitled to a fair life? To not have cosmetics tested on them until they're blind? To not be kept in a tiny, dark box until a scientist pulls them out to experiment on? I couldn't care less what the 'roots' of animal rights are. I couldn't even really decipher your rant in the opening post. PETA and the RSPCA are both very clear that they may have to euthanise animals that aren't claimed. If they didn't, what the hell would they do with them? In this case, it is OWNER'S who are at fault, not the charities who take these animals in and do their best for them.
@Perry123 (363)
23 May 08
PETA have millions of dollars income and they have no real interest in helping animals if they can't look after 20 000. In most cases there is only a short time until euthanising. Non animal rights organisations such as the ILPH and individual rescue centres do not euthanise healthy animals where possible yet have far less income. Yes...this is how peta do their best for animals: http://www.petakillsanimals.com/petaTrial2.cfm PETA did this to 19000 animals last year and rehomed a very tiny number. Their stated objective is extermination of domestic animals so it does not surprise me. As for the vivisection argument again if the animals are well treated then I don' have a problem with it: millions of animals have benfited too from animal testing. Not to mention countless millions of humans. Some myths about the propaganda you have probably been taken in by are exposed here; 10 and 11 you should read. http://www.rds-online.org.uk/pages/page.asp?i_ToolbarID=2&i_PageID=48 You don't have to be an AR supporter to stand for good animal welfare. No animal is enitled to a fair life by nature. A Lion gives a gazelle no rights.
• Canada
7 Aug 08
The thing I hate about Peta the very most is that they wouldn't answer my letter requesting to know that they would fight for the right to life of human beings in the same way or with even more ferver then animals. I wrote the letter telling them I was considering their organization as a point of interest to possible be involved with or to donate to the cause. I said I need to know one thing before any commitment on my part. They did not acknowledge the part of my letter that spoke of the right to human life. For me I do not understand why people would put themselves out there in the world to take such a strong stand on trees, whales, or any four legged amimal if they do not have that same passion to fight for human life no matter when thinks life begins.
• Philippines
30 Jun 09
I think this is some kind of PROPAGANDA and a LIBELOUS POST. We all know that putting links on myLot is illegal, so why do you keep on putting links? This is a desperate move and a CLEAR bias post. PETA never hurt an ANIMAL, those pictures on the site didn't involve any of PETA. This is very LIBELOUS and BAD. I am a MEMBER of PETA online and they update us every achievement of THEM. Media will never be scared of PETA because PRESS is FREE to EXPRESS. This is just a LIE and a CLEAR DEMOLITION JOB and a PETA HATER. Maybe you or someone else are BLACKLISTED by PETA that's why you destroyed the image of the said ORGANIZATION.