Have you ever been accused of flirting???

@mamuzo (225)
South Africa
May 20, 2008 8:39am CST
There's one thing I know for sure about myself and that is I love people. I make friends very easy because I can talk and relate with just about anybody. Recently by new friend of 3 months accused me of flirting. I say it's who I am and she is just insecure of god-knows-what. I am happily married with 2 kids, why would I wanna flirt?? Am I wrong to resent her for saying that to me???
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@devilinu (105)
• India
20 May 08
many times.my friendly nature seems to be the culprit.but i havent given a care about those accusations. in fact the girls dont have a problem but my guy friends do.i really dont understand what is it. i have always been a good friend to my capacity.i try to be choosy whom i want to consider my friend and the rest are just come and go friends. still i get accused.
@mamuzo (225)
• South Africa
21 May 08
This is my first time ever. No one has ever seemed to have a problem ... at least they never came up and told me. I really do not care about the accusation, it just cam as a shock to me that's all. To be honest I am a bit concious about the way I interact with people now. I guess I'm trying to avoid another accusation but at the same time I don't feel like me . . . I don't know, should I be trying so hard??