Once a Month Cooking

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May 20, 2008 10:33am CST
Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) is when you make several entrees or meals in a one or two day-long cooking marathon. You make enough for the next 30 days (or just 1-2 weeks) then freeze them. This makes cooking and clean-up minimal for the remainder of the month- giving you more time to do other things besides preparing dinner. Have you ever done this? Have you even heard of it before? lol If you aren't familiar with OAMC but would like to learn more here are several links: http://www.once-a-month-cookingworld.com/ http://busycooks.about.com/od/makeaheadrecipes/a/cookOAMC.htm http://www.frugalmom.net/once_a_month_cooking.htm http://www.realfood4realpeople.com/oamc.html (I got paid for searching for some of those websites, too...if you would like to know more about that you can find it on my profile.) I have done a OAMC cooking before and I really enjoyed having the meals all done for the month! It was alot of work on the weekend I did all the cooking- shopping all one day then cooking ALL day the second day. But it was SO worth it!! I want to get back into doing this. I used the book before...but I would definitely like to come up with my own menu and plan. So, tell me your experiences if you have done this. Did you use the OAMC cookbook or did you delve into making up your own menus and shopping lists? If you haven't done it...does it sound like something you would try?
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@Ldyjarhead (10241)
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20 May 08
I wish! The best I have done is make one meal and freeze some for another time, but nothing on the scale that others do. I never cooked for myself when I was living alone, I'd usually just have a sandwich or nuke something, so there wasn't really anything to freeze. One day I decided I really wanted homemade lasagna so I did do a large pan of that and froze several portions that I could have later, and that worked well. Right now I'm not even doing that, because between the two of us, what we don't eat one day will be eaten as leftovers in the next day or two. I have been making pancakes in larger batches, though, and freezing some. Yea me, LOL ... I don't think I could ever get into anything on the scale of OAMC, but I would like to do a lot better than I'm doing now (which is ummm, nothing?).
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