Facebook - Fun times for how long?

United States
May 20, 2008 3:55pm CST
I have noticed that the magnitude of applications on facebook are more than entertaining for a short time, but grow dull very quickly and are soon replaced by a new fun application that follows suit. Do you also feel this way? Have you found an application that stays fun and entertaining through the long run? All the applications I have come across were crazy awesome but are now a quick check once a day and I'm done. Comment, suggest, retort, etc. Thank you.
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• Switzerland
21 May 08
I really hate Facebook applications and I don't really trust them either. It drives me mad when I go to one of my friends' pages and have to scroll for ages to try and find their regular wall. I also get sick of the constant invites I get for different types of wall or things asking me to throw food or sheep at people, such a waste of time, I don't get it.