What unusual games..

United States
May 20, 2008 7:56pm CST
or playtime activities do you do with your toddlers? When my kids were little, my husband and I were in college and our psychology teacher told us this neat shaving cream activity to try with our kids. She said it helped with their sense of touch. She said it was something that her teacher had told her about a long time before. So we tried it. What you do is you take a bottle of shaving cream. Clean off your table and cover the table with shaving cream. Sit the kids up in chairs at the table and let them have at it. Let them play to their content with it. Let them make a mess. It washes off easily and they will find it quite enjoyable. For added texture you can add some rice to the shaving cream and watch their faces while they try to figure it out. My kids loved it. What do you do that might be unusual?
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@minnie_98214 (10572)
• United States
21 May 08
I have heard of this. My youngest son has Autism and a sensory integration disorder and used to do this with his therapist all the time. The best part was i didnt even have to clean up the mess. They had all kinds of different things they would do with him.
• United States
31 May 08
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@vanities (11410)
• Davao, Philippines
21 May 08
i havent done that !!! when they were still toddlers im so busy with life working that got no enough time for them to play if we had we just try hugging them and made some tickling to them to make them laugh especially at night..but atleast their lolas were!!thanks to grandma then...it was sad i guess not enough time playing with them