May 20, 2008 11:41pm CST
U like mangoes? I simply love to have them during their season.
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@Swaana (1206)
• India
27 Jun 08
Aamras - It makes a delicious dish to eat all by itself or as a side dish for puris and rotis too
I am crazy of mangoes. Infact, we get raw mangoes in season and make pickles of them and use it till the next season. There are different types of pickles that could be made using mangoes. I like the ripe mangoes too. Eating them just as a fruit or having them as a juice, milkshake or with ice cream or as jellies, all are my favourites too.
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
I like mangoes very much. It taste really good. I always make mango float. My kids really love mangoes.
• India
28 May 08
ya..i like mangoes very much and my hubby too...i like mango juices and also cut mango pickels...i like mango flavoured choclate also,totally i like mangoes very much
• Singapore
21 May 08
I love mangoes. I like them when they are fully riped.
@bestie (3246)
• Philippines
21 May 08
I like mangoes.
@heidibur (310)
• United States
21 May 08
Love them!!! We do pork chops on the grill and when we flip them we crush up some cashews and put them on the chop and then put a big slice of mango on top....Its the best.
@nice030481 (1110)
• Philippines
21 May 08
i like mangoes, of any type. there are indian mangoes, apple mango, Piko, Kinalabaw, etc. and i like it all. now is the seasons of mangoes here, thats why i eat a lot of it. i also like mango shake, i also love to eat mango while eating my lunch.