Don't waste your time! give up me! Please help others!

@landi927 (657)
May 21, 2008 1:59am CST
The title is the last words said by an old woman who had baried for four day in the Wenchuan earthquake. Her name is Yang Yunfen, a 52 years old woman. She was a doctor. The rescue team has found her in 12th. because there were to many stone covering her body, althougth the rescue team have tried for four days, she still can not be rescued. The forth day, after another failture of the rescue team, the old lady cried out:" Don't waste your time on me! Give up me, please help others~!" And then she used the glass cut her hands and swallowed her ring. Outside, there was a little girl crying:" please save my grandmother! please!"
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@lingli_78 (12833)
• Australia
21 May 08
woww..., that is really a very unselfish act and sacrifice from a woman who realises that she doesn't have any hope to survive anymore... i feel so touched when i read this post... she even kills herself... i couldn't even imagine it... anyway, there is a hope that there are still many nice people in this world who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others... i feel touched... take care and have a nice day...
@sanzi1201 (644)
• China
21 May 08
I am moved by her.In this earthquack,we see many moved things and man.They are rustic and virtuous.Every time,I watch the Tv and listen the reports,I'll tear all the time.I was sorrow and moved.May be safety,my landsman. ''
@youless (104853)
• Guangzhou, China
21 May 08
I read this news today. That's so sad. She sacrificed her life for others. She is brave and she is a real heroine. Her granddaughter is one and half years old. That's a heartbreaking news for all of us. I love China