Sweeney Todd

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United States
May 21, 2008 1:35pm CST
My husband and I rented Sweeney Todd the other night, and we had no idea it was a musical! My husband doesn't like musicals because he thinks they are just too long and drawn out with all the singing, but we both thought it was a very good movie. I had heard about it, but did not know what it was about before renting it. Other people had told us it was very good, so we just decided to rent it without knowing! I think we made a good choice. The storyline was good, and a little unpredictable at times, which is always good about a movie!
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17 Mar 09
I actually liked Sweeny Todd. It was so tragic, especially when he found out the last woman he killed was the cure to his pain. She was the reason he became so vengeful to begin with. The singing part wasn't so bad but sometimes I would foward through it. Im not a big musical fan, though I like movies about music, or aspiring musicians. I even fowarded through the singing in mama mia. They're ok, if the storyline is good..
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17 Mar 09
Yeah, Sweeney Todd is an excellent movie. I have seen it more times than I care to count and I have always thought it got better every time. My school is doing Sweeney Todd as our yearly spring musical and I'm in it. The stage version is very different, but still good. I recommend seeing both.
@zabawaus (1732)
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8 Dec 08
I heard lots of things about movie , some liked some hated , this made me to rent the movie i have the movie now i will watch it tomorrow i hope. Lets see if i ll like it, some people said that musics are great , so it is enough for me :)
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25 May 08
I saw the Broadway show and I thought the story was amazing. Then I heard the movie would be made by Burton and I knew it would be a hit. Tim Burton is an amazing filmmaker because of his twisted vision. I loved his work ever since I saw Frankenweenie when I was five. I was hooked on the raw emotion of just losing a pet and having it come back like that.
• Malaysia
21 May 08
Some people like Sweeney Todd and some don't because it is a weird movie.It is musical and have some good songs in it.It is blood violence showing character of the Demon Barber.It is a dark movie to show that the scene took place in the early 1900's.I did like the movie because Johny Depp acting was remarkable and I like scary movies.