i've been thinking about how much happier i am

May 21, 2008 1:54pm CST
now that i've moved into my new place. i've been here for a month and a half and i love it! it's not a house, but an apartment, and i never thought i was going to move out of my old place until i was able to buy a house. my old place was a dark dingy basement apartment with carpeting in the kitchen-so why was i going to stay there? cheap rent. rent prices around here have skyrocketed to the point that people are having a really tough time finding apartments they can afford. so i was staying put. then my building was sold and i had to move. i was devastated at first but when my best friend found this place and i was able to get it, i realized how great it actually turned out to be. and i got it relatively cheap too-a 2 bedroom for about the same or less as some one bedrooms are going for around here. i'm no longer in the basement and have more storage in here than i know what to do with. so, i was looking around in here and just commenting to myself how great it really is, and how i can't even imagine still living in that other terrible place-or how i managed to live there for 3 years! it's like leaving every other place i've lived in-(this is the 8th)when i pass them on the streets, i try to remember living in them and wonder about the people who are currently living in them and wonder what it would be like to still be there. any thoughts?
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1 Jun 08
I couldn't imagine living in a basement. I have been in a few and not to live in them mind you but they always were so dingy and the ones that I have seen have had no windows. I could not imagine living in a place that didn't have a decent amount of windows. I love the sunshine and have my curtains opened almost soon as the sun rises. It would depress me to live in a basement or at least the basements that I have seen.