Free music download to Apple Ipod

United States
May 21, 2008 10:15pm CST
My husband won an Apple ipod on the AngelBeat-networking seminar. He gave the device to me. I was very happy to have "a new toy". So I have started to search on the internet to download the songs. What I found out, I was not so exited anymore. The outcome is that, to enjoy the ipod in full I need to pay for a couple more steps- honestly I was not aware of it (what If I had to pay for the ipod-is it not enough?). So basically the ipod is useless without purchasing the music(unless I am missing something). First I paid for the iTunes $34 per year, and than when I had opened the software I realized that I need to pay for songs I like. I did not check even the prices. Anyway I was trying to find online any free song downloads but no success.Some of the website try to get you by different tricks. Soon a new offer is coming online : - they claim the service will be free. I do not know if I should believe it. Does anybody have more info on a free song download to ipod?
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@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
19 Jun 08
Webmom, your iPod isn't useless because you can put your whole CD collection on it! Just download iTunes (free), then import your CDs to your computer and sync to your iPod. Don't be sucked in by 'free' downloading sites such as Limewire or Napstar (I think this has been shut down now anyway) - as they are illegal, and you'll probably just get a virus for your trouble. You can also borrow CDs from friends and family and pop them on your iPod as well ... plenty of choice there! Have fun!