Dum & Dummer

@sk66rc (4257)
United States
May 21, 2008 11:21pm CST
I work at a retail store... Through out the day, I've been asked some questions that I have to wonder about the person who's asking... For example, "Do you sell electric dryers, you know, kind that plugs in?" I answered, "Nope! All the electric dryers we sell are solar & battery powered dryers... You might wanna check your local sears..." Or, "My cell. phone doesn't work. What's wrong with it?" & if that's not bad enough, when I asked him "where are you calling from?" the guy said, "My cell. phone." So I asked him again, "Oh, you mean the one that doesn't work?" He goes, "uh huh..." So I tell him, "It seems to work fine now..." Then I hear click... I heard a comedian once made a joke about "people are generally smart & follow the common sense but us as a "human race" is going down the hill, fast..." His jokes & points were similar to what I'm talking about now... Any similar experiences?
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