ALERT: Gas prices could jump 50-cents by next week! How are you all coping?

gas price trends - past 60 months - this infographic shows the gas price trends in the U.S. for the past 60 months, with Houston and the U.S. in general being compared
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May 21, 2008 11:43pm CST
Here in Houston, our FOX affiliate did a piece on how gas prices could shoot up 50-cents to $4.20/gallon (currently we have an average of $3.70/gal) by next Monday after Rice University put out a gas research study showing future trends. ( This possible sudden jump is due to: -Memorial Day vacation demand -Worldwide continuation trend of higher prices every day Of course current high US prices are due to: -Increased American demand in general -Speculators' paranoid worrying -Increasing overseas demand - China, India -Weak U.S. dollar Obviously time will tell if Rice Univ was right on the money, but keep this in mind: gas prices have risen 30% from January! We are setting a new record everyday now! And crude is going for over $130/barrel. The big questions are: If it happens, will you change your habits? CAN YOU change your driving habits? Has your lifestyle changed due to the big price jumps?
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22 May 08
I am buying a motorcycle, seriously...and it's not a midlife crisis I live in the boonies and the nearest corner store is four miles away. I make trips to the school (6 miles away) twelve times a week. The city is twenty miles away if I want anything I can't get at the local store. It adds up quick. I fill up my tank at the local Indian reservation to save a bit. I never speed and I find myself laying off the gas sooner when coming to a stop if there is no traffic behind me. I am very conscious of how much gas I use when I am in the car. I don't see gas prices falling anytime soon so I am looking at long-term ideas to cut costs. I had a bike when I was younger and remember the great mileage I got so I will buy another. Even with insurance costs I figure I will save some by using that instead of the car.