What did you do when your Television Remote Control was broken?

@agihcam (1915)
May 21, 2008 11:47pm CST
This happen to many people out there like me.Without a TV remote control is a tedious process specially when you love to switch different channels. I do switching specially when viewing boxing and there is simultaneous film from other channels. My tv remote control was broken and could not be repaired. One day I was in a shopping mall, I've seen tv remote control brand labelled "Universal Remote Control 3 in 1", so I have read the specifications and its features, sound good as it can be controlled tv,dvd player and component. It so happen that the brand of TV I was having does not included on the specifications that can be controlled by such remote control. Well the price is low so I bought and bring home to test at my own risk. When I get home, I have read completely the manuals until I have found a line saying "What if the model of the television set is not listed on the manual?", Upon reading it, there is instruction how to search your tv model unit if it is not listed. Here it is, turn off the tv set, turn it on. after truning on the tv set, point the remote control into tv set then press set button from the remote control, press volume button one at a time, keep pressing it until the volume indications appears on your tv screen, once it appears, that means the remote control recognized the model of your tv sets and it was set-up automatically.
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• United States
11 Jun 08
I sat in the corner and cried like a little baby. Is that normal? No seriously, I did okay for an hour or so. Some of my buttons were started to come off and it wasn't a pretty picture. Most of the time I have battery issues. I can never seem to find any when I need them. Of course when I don't need them there's usaully a pack of them sitting on a table.