I have earned some amount in essaywriters.net but I need some help to get that

May 22, 2008 12:40am CST
Hi to all mylotters out there. I'm a current writer at essaywriters.net, a site for freelance writers who want to earn some extra cash. I just got a quite amount of earnings but it is still not in my hands due to some wire transfer issue. The Support asks me some details on my bank account which I deemed legal to do so, but the Bank just gave me partial information , I guess. To anyone who worked at essywriters.net, specifically Filipinos who has an account at BPI Family Savings Bank, have you been paid thru wire transfer? What are the details that you give to the Support to get your earnings thru your bank account? I hope my fellowmen might help me with this one. It is our right to get the fruits of what we have worked for. And I believe, it is just right to get what we deserve to receive from working hard. Thanks to all who will give their helping hand.
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