Does anybody like Gardening

May 22, 2008 4:36am CST
I have liked gardening since i was very young, all through my childhood i helped my Grandad who is no longer with us. But he owned an achre of land which has been left with my nana who has cancer and can no longer maintain the land so i still go round every weekend and do a bit of gardening 4 her on the sit and ride mower. In fact garden as become more of a passion 4 me than a hobby. Does anyone else like gardening? if so what kind of gardening? How big is the garden you take care of? How do you go about starting your own gardening business?
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@mentalward (14695)
• United States
22 May 08
I Love gardening! It is a passion with me as well. We just moved to a house with 3 acres (only about half of that is open). In the front of the house I plant perennial bulbs like tulips, daffodils, roses, things like that. Around the property I've been planting privacy bushes. In the back I have a large vegetable garden. I'm growing just about everything I can grow in this zone. The vegetable garden is about 75' x 75', which is rather large. The rest of the property is grass which we cut with a rider mower. I have not tried to start my own gardening business, but I have thought about it. The easiest business in that area is to root cuttings of plants and sell the cuttings to nurseries. There is a place on the internet where you can get free information about starting a business like that, and he shows you exactly how to take the cuttings from other plants and root them. I love his site and it's completely free. he site I'm talking about is Getting your first cuttings rooted is very exciting... almost like giving birth! At least, to me it feels that way. I've done it. I've turned one plant into many plants. It's so easy, and once you've done the initial work, you just sit back and wait for the most part. I hope this helps you to get started. Take care!
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19 Mar 09
I live in Florida and was very fortunate to buy a home with 3 acres, I have a 75 X 100 vegetable garden that keeps me busy. Now that it's planting time in Florida I am busy with my garden daily. Every year it is still exciting once the plants are in the ground and the seeds start coming up. Eating vegetables fresh from you garden is worth all the work of preparing the soil, planting and tending the garden.