actions to take care of earthquake victims' meatal health

@yingui (74)
May 22, 2008 7:06am CST
Mental illness is a serious problem coming out of the earthquak in SiChun .Considerable number of victims are trapped in the shade of this fatal disater .It's agonized to face the grim reality :important person in people's life passed for ever ,normal fanctions of the body are deprived .The prospect of future blurs and goes blank as anticipation fades into nothingness .The weight of tomorrow becomes unbearable in a world in which all promises have been broken by force . We can't easily dispose their dark thought by simply saying "all will be well".Instant action is needed .Psychaitrists are called for all over China .But it seems that it's far from enough .There is a sever shortage of professional psychaitrists to undertake this task . Then some universities call for voluntaries to fender for the mental health of those victims who have been transfered to Guangzhou .My roommats and i had the interview for election. I hope that we could pass it and do something for those been horried souls .
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