Do you have any particular grievance at this moment?

May 22, 2008 8:13am CST
Is it some thing that which is haunting you a lot? Who would you say is the reason for it? Is is your friend or your family members or all because of yourself? Or something because of reasons like deaths of family members or friends? Any plans that you are trying, to resolve the situation, or you have left it, to get the same healed with the passage of time. Lets share the feelings. Cheers and happy mylotting to all comrades here.
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
6 Jul 08
hi saiven. well, one month ago, my grievance is different from now. but i'll just share my grievance right now. its not exactly a grievance. its more of a frustration. see, i told the guy i like that i'm angry at him. he asked why and i didn't tell him and i kept on ignoring him. his last words were "so this is what you want huh..". and since then, he ignores me everytime we see each other. and my answer to his last words are "this is not what i wanted to happen..". i want to resolve the situation but i don't know how. i'm okay with him not having the same feelings for me (he doesn't like me back) but i want to move on with us being..if not friendly, at least civil with each other. i don't want us ignoring each other when we cross each others paths. that's what's been bothering me lately.
@Raeyden (46)
• Singapore
22 May 08
ya i do. well you see, im in a forbidden relationship with a girl. It was not planned and ive never had particular interests in girls. Somehow i fell in love with her. we became a couple when she confessed to me. i was so confused at that time. i know it would not work out in the future but i want to be wif her for as long as we could although we are separated right nw. (long-distance relationship) Its really sad. it has been almost 8 months we have been separated and i really love her so much. We always cry on the phone. Somehow i feel like we aree wasting time, being in a relationship knowing that we cant be together. But we both need each other and she doesnt have a long life..(might die before 30, 21 nw) my heart hurts everyday adn i dont know how to solve it. Right now, im just letting time pass, curious to know what is going to happen in the future..