How to overcome this technical problem

May 22, 2008 10:59am CST
When i view video files, from youtube or any video links, the video plays for four or five seconds on the screen and then gets stuck,for sometime, then it plays for a while, and again the same problem. This is causing a lot of irritation, and lose concentration, and in the end i don't see the full video link, received or the one that i browsed to see. Is their any alternative software that i can download for free, so that i can watch a continuous video!. Kindly share. Cheers to all comrades here. Happy mylotting.
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• Singapore
1 Jun 08
This has to do with the connection speed you have. But really, I think the problem is at the youtube end. The reason I say that is because I am on a very fast internet plan yet youtube videos play quite slowly for me too. So much so that I am not a youtube fan at all. One way you can do it to let it buffer first. Let it play a while then press pause. When it finishes buffering, then play the whole thing. This way, you won't get the stopping issue. Or, you can just choose to download the whole file first - then you can play to your heart's content from your own hard disk.
• India
22 May 08
You need to have a better internet connection, so it dont take much time to buffer. You are probably not using broadband which is available easily in India
• India
22 May 08
Hi again, well are you using dial-up? This sounds like dial-up to me. If you are using dial-up, it is humanly impossible to watch any YouTube or videos online. I gave up long back. You can only download (takes ages) and watch on realplayer or something of that sort. Otherwise, the only option for you is to get a broadband. Cheers and happy Mylotting!