if you really want to get to know what Obama is all about then go to utube.com a

@bond0077 (375)
May 22, 2008 11:17am CST
and check out in the search "obama and resko the slumlord"or "obama and rev wright"or how obama sweep the hard questions in the debates under the rug by not answering the questions just by saying America(he feels,speaking for what he feels America wants to hear)saying He feels America doesn't want to hear about this dirty politics even though its his dirty politics,if obama is respresentative of change in America's politics,which would be more transparency more open dialog,more honesty,accountability,then he is not change ,he is more of what he is claiming Hillary and Mccain to be ,MORE OF THE SAME!obama from what i see is more of the keep my dirty politics out of the public's eye,like the president NIXON era,and that is not what America needs another NIXON,on utube there is also in his own words what he plans to do should he becomes president"remove the american presents not only in IRAQ but around the world,America's defence systems from europe,sit down with America's foes like IRAN,north korea,hamas and just talk them out of what they are doing.ha ha how nieve a president he would be,to negotiate out of fear,look at how far president jimmy carter got with exactly this way of thinking!400 day of AMERICAN held hostages and embassy,would that happen with George bush as president?or Bill Clinton?oama bought a mansion with the help of resco the slumlord for one third the amount of the cost,then resco moved in next door and yet obama would have you believe he never knew the man,yea right!yet if you ask him about it its not in his opinion NOT what America wants to hear about!so how did HILLARY BECOME THE VILLAN? because obama keeps her dirt quite visible!
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