United States
May 22, 2008 12:33pm CST
ok ive had a week long of making phone calls dealing with doctors and rude receptionist and so on. my grandmother had an appt today to see the rheumatologist, now when we get thier the receptionist said "it's not in this building it down the street" so i said ok, we get to the building thier is no sign just one that says pediatrics and urerogoly. so i asked and asked and no one knew where was it that we had to go, finaly a nurse said that i should try the second floor(now im already upset bcuz this is a clinic and no one knows where the rheumatology clinic is, come on people)she said try the seond fl, so we proceed to the fl she said iwalk in and i said" im looking for the arthrits doctor , she just snacthed the paper out my hand and i asked is this the clinic, she said yes, so i kindly said to her that they should but a sign outside, this lady must be miserable inside or something, she said to me thier is a sign(mind you its says acn clinic, what is acn?) and that its not her problem that i cant read right,,now i had just about had it with people being rude and i snapped i told her that if she wants to be rude i can be rude too and she isnt going to like what im about to say.and that she needs a man cuz shes so miserable( i know i shoudnt have said but i was on fire) and luckly her supvervisor was their but i just couldnt stay shut. i mean is life that difficult that you have to speak to someone like that, im just glad they didnt throw me out or arrested me lol.
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