Are you a cat-whisperer?

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
May 22, 2008 2:43pm CST
If your cat seems to be upset about something, say, the presence of a new cat, do you talk to him quietly and let him know that you mean it with a kiss or two? This was what I did when I first discovered that my resident cats found out about Maxie. I started with Columbus (this was about two months ago). I waited until he hopped on the bed and settled down. Then I sat next to him and pet him gently. As I pet him, I spoke, explaining how Maxie came into our lives and needed a home. I also said that I hoped that he, Columbus, would understand, and that I always loved him and always would. Then I kissed him once or twice, even though Columbus didn't like kisses. So how else could I communicate? I also talk quietly to the cats when they relaxed, and pet them a little as I speak. My voice is always low, quiet, soothing --- apppropriate for a cat whisperer.
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@bjcyrix (6907)
• Philippines
23 May 08
hi! I did talk to my cat that way too. But theres this special kind of communication between us. It seems that he understands what Im saying and he just keeps on meowing trying to tell me something but cant with human language. So he just keeps on meowing while looking at me. There was this incident years ago. He likes to lounge around the top of the tv because its warm. Our house only had 3 rooms that time. The first room was the bedroom/living room and it had my tv in it. The next room was the dining room/dad's office. We also had a tv on that room. After lunch I would always go to the bedroom and watch tv. He was on top of the tv in the dining room and I always like for him to come with me in any room of the house. So I told him to "come" and motioned for him to follow me. At first he just looked at me and kept meowing. After about a minute or two he actually got up and followed me to the next room! My Dad saw it all and he was amazed. He laughed his head off.^_^ When we got to the next room and Im on the bed, he immediately got up the tv and slept there.^_^ I miss that cat. He also poops in the restroom.LOL Sadly, he got lost when we moved to a new house. Anyways, thats how I feel that I am a cat whisperer.^_^