This is shocking..

@ersmommy1 (12596)
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May 22, 2008 5:45pm CST
CNN reporter gets drugs online without ever seeing a doctor as part of investigation Widow describes losing her husband to overdose of drugs bought online Expert says online pharmaceutical industry needs better regulation Woman tells CNN she tried to commit suicide after falling into deep depression. Have you ever bought online medication w/o seeing a doctor? Would you? Know anyone who has? I think this is so scary and dangerous!!
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31 May 08
Hrm. No. Don't think I would. Self-medicating is bad. Kinda scary that other people don't seem to know that.
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23 May 08
My best friend orders her birth control online from Canada. She can get it cheaper and without a prescription that way. In that case, I think it's great, and even in moderation for some other types of meds. However, yes, it's pretty scary. For ADHD meds, painkillers, depression meds, stuff like that, those are all prescription narcotics. Those shouldn't be readily available online. Neither should antibiotics, simply because people misuse them already. IF YOU ARE PRESCRIBED 10 DAYS, TAKE ALL 10 DAYS, EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER!!! All you are doing when you don't finish them is creating a new, antibiotic-resistant strain of whatever you have. That makes it harder for you to get rid of it later, and for other people to get rid of it if they happen to catch YOUR CRUD! So yeah, I'm okay with some medications being readily available online or anywhere else, but not most of them.
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22 May 08
I agree with you that this is a scary thing. Medication should be monitered as they can be harmful when mixed with other medications adn effect different people differently. I would never buy my medication online and I don't know of anyone who has, or at least they haven't told me if they did.