the difference between living and existing, and those who are lost between

United States
May 22, 2008 7:44pm CST
do you feel there is a difference between existing and living? is anyone truly happy and content?
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@Tetchie (2932)
• Australia
24 May 08
There is a huge difference between existing and living. Existing is like going with the flow, not being able to make choices but having them made for you. Not being creative and thinking for yourself. Living is taking opportunities and seeing where they will take you. Participating in life, having a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Living life requires an attitude of wanting things for yourself and then being prepared to get them regardless of the hurdles. We may not always get everything we want in life, but it's in the attempt of getting things that we are actually living. A person who never goes after what he or she wants, who never questions things, who is not aware that every day there is something to learn is someone who is existing and not living. Contentment is not always something that everybody will receive. This is because some people are more driven. In which case being content is not something that they would want to be. Happiness is to some people a very hard state of mind to have. It depends allot on circumstances. But what makes people happy is usually the ability to achieve things and to be recognized by other people in a positive way. But you don't have to achieve big things to be happy, it is whatever you feel will make you grow and challenge you. Unhappy people are often those who have given up hope, but there is always hope. Just look up instead of down and smile more - it really helps.
@jyjnl_jia (429)
• China
23 May 08
Maybe i know sth.If you have enough money to support your life and your interests.maybe you are living.If you work everyday to support your basic life,maybe it means that you are existing.Now i am existing.But i believe that i will have a better living in the future.