is google adsense simply cheating ignorant people?

May 23, 2008 12:14am CST
Many people have wrote to me that their google adsense accounts were disabled for no particular reason.The most significant thing which I found was that most of the cancelled or disabled accounts were from underdeveloped or developing countries where people would be happy if they got 10 or 20 dollars extra in a month from google. In their advertisements they show that people from America,England,Germany etc.earn thousands of dollars from the adsense.I have concluded that they earn most of the clickings from the developing countries and whenever they want they cancel the account and those accumulated 10s or 20 dollars amount to millions.Innocent and ignorant people from the third world countries do not understand it. Can someone be more specific to write in detail so that the people from the backward,underdeveloped and developing countries could be enlightened. Rajasir.
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