Drive thru or Dine-in

May 23, 2008 1:53am CST
I think I like dining in than drive thru...depends on my mood..
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@hellcowboy (7374)
• United States
24 May 08
When it comes to choosing to either go through the drive thru or dining in I would defitnally rather dine in because,that way there is a less chance of them getting the order wrong,and you can sit down and eat,and if you go through the drive thru they always seem to have trouble understanding your order.
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@taqinaka (429)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 08
it really depends i think.if morning i prefer drive-thru...coz i cn order a coffee or any other hot drinks..lunch i prefer dining in...on d evening..assume that i was going at diz time of period...evening i prefer drive-thru...early in the nite..i mean around 8 to 11... prefer drive-thru...i duno y..i prefer dat coz mayb i dun hv to sit in a large crowd.ahahaa.well late at nite..i would prefer dining in..much more romantic n sweet to enjoy my time wit my gf...cheers:p
• Canada
24 May 08
Since I don't drive, myself, if I am on my own at a fast food restaurant I'll eat in. When I am with someone, or sometimes when I take a cab home, I'll go through the drive-through, and get some food to take home and eat later, or to eat in the car.
@Anne18 (11029)
4 Jun 08
When we go to MacDonalds we always eat in as we only go to treat the children and they like the idea of sitting in and eatting their meal. It also means we can leave the mess there rather than have the mess in the car!!! Good thinking there!
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
Dining in.