Do you believe the love story in Korean TV serials will happen to your life?

May 23, 2008 3:51am CST
Love is one of the most important elements in Korean TV serials. A kind girl who is born with normal family backgroud falls in love with a rich gentleman whose parents don't think make their son marry a normal girl is decent. No matter what kind of difficult the two young lovers are facing they are still together. Do you admire this kind of loyal love? Do you believe you get or will get the loyal love?
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@rirbry (353)
• Malaysia
23 May 08
Of course every time a korean series we will dream that we are the girl in that series but thing's like that will never happend in reality, i believe i can get loyal love!!! even without watching those series =0
• China
23 May 08
"I believe I can get loyal love!" You are indeed a positive girl with confidence. My friends always tell me to be confident with true love. But sometimes when I find so many couples around me marry and then drift apart I'm really confused about love and marrige. Maybe I have much thing to need and accept. Best wishes for you. :)
• Philippines
13 Feb 11
I'd like to believe that there really is that kind of love...a love that can overcome all the obstacles in life.It wouldn't hurt if the one you're destined to be with is good-looking too. I would like to end up with someone like Seol Gong Chan of My Girl (Lee Dong Wook), Goo Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers (Lee Min Ho), Baek Seung Jo of Mischievous Kiss (Kim Hyun Joong), Choi Han Kyul of Coffee Prince (Gong Yoo) or Kim Joo Won of Secret Garden (Hyun Bin)...ha!ha!
• Philippines
13 Aug 10
Like Joo Yoo Rin of My Girl, I would like to meet my Seol Gong Chan someday! ha!ha!
• China
15 Jan 10
I believe there exists pure love in real life, what we should do is to keep ourselves simple and pure. Maybe for many people ,when they are old they still think the real love is not coming, but this is life. when cherishing the one who loves u , u get all...
15 Jan 10
there is a hope if there is a belief. hehe but to be honest, personally,the chance is very low.
@roanne05 (1291)
• Oman
2 Jun 08
i also love watching those kind of makes me feel there is always hope (not hope find a lover..hehehe but hope that every problem can be solved) about your topic...yes i admire those love stories like "you and me against the world". i also believe that everyone will have a love partner.
@SomeCowgirl (32255)
• United States
28 May 08
I think that any soap opera on t.v. can come true... although it all depends on the story line as to whether it is believable! lol... also I just got to your profile and saw you logged in 0 seconds ago... quite amusing!