Dream Family Vacation

May 23, 2008 6:59am CST
Where would you take your family if you were given a chance?
5 responses
@adoremay (2065)
• Philippines
4 Jun 08
To Rome... I just hope and pray that we will be given that chance...
@mentalward (14691)
• United States
25 May 08
Someplace warm with a lot of water and sunshine. Hawaii, the Bahamas, Aruba, places like that. I'd just want to put my feet up, sip something cool and delicious and watch the waves. My husband would probably bring his laptop and continue to work because he just can't seem to stop. He really loves his work! (I'd take his cell phone away from him, though.)
@landi927 (657)
• China
23 May 08
That depends on where my family most want to go and how much money and time we have, i think. But if all these are no concerned about, i will take them to the seaside. But to me, i don't care about where we are going to. What i really enjoy should be the time we spend together.
@Dorislee (209)
• China
23 May 08
I'm always dreaming one day when I get enough money I will take my whole family to some interest places, have travels, no matter which place, the important thing is we travel together,it must be wonderful, the pity thing is right now I'm still the person saving each money for future plans, hope that day will come soon.
@moudy242 (71)
• Egypt
23 May 08
the caribbean is my first choice