Have you ever had your morals/ethics challenged?

United States
May 23, 2008 7:55am CST
We are all raised with basically all the same morals/ethics in life as you get older do you find it to be a challenge? Just a quick lil story, You are at the store and you see someone shoplifting. What do you? Do you just close your eyes and walk by, or say to yourself well they must really need it. As an American I find that most of us are very compassionate and that is what can make us challenge two of the most important things in our life. Myself I have reported theft, If we continue to let it happen the products we need day in and day out rise to unbelievable prices and then we all suffer. When companies report millions lost every year to theft it effects us all and they need to recoup it somewhere. I am not ashamed nor do I worry what others think of me I believe in honesty and maintain the integrity that my parents raised me with. Honestly what do you think on this topic do you feel they are challenged for you?
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• Canada
26 May 08
It is not challenging for me, for the most part. My momma taught me to speak my mind, and truethfully I am surprised I am still alive, as I have chased down people who have fled, got plate numbers and discriptions for the store etc. Everyone has a story everyone has needs, but in the day and age that we live in there are provisions made to those in need, to assist them in their lowest of low times. I know it is sometimes hard to obtain, sometimes you have to try out 2 or 3 venues before finding a way. I think that the problem with today's society is that we are addicted to the "quick fix" that technology has comeup with to most of our problems, like weight gain, body parts we don't like, credit cards all of that type thing...but all of that costs money...and they have not given us a quick fix for that yet...you still have to earn that the old fashion way with elbow grease and an honest day's work. Very good topic, I am just hoping that I have done it justice with the answer I have provided!