Does a Split AC Purifies the Air?

May 23, 2008 10:50am CST
Does a Split Air Conditioner Purifies the Air in the room by bringing in Fresh air from out side or does it just Cools the existing Air in the room by not bringing in any fresh air? I developed this doubt because i can see two copper wires going into my indoor AC unit, and i learned one is to take in liquid freon and the other is to bring back the Gas to be compressed and make into to liquid again. But i dont see any other inlet for fresh air to be taken into the room! What does that mean? Does that mean that an Air conditioner just cools the air? And since the doors and windows of an air conditioned room is closed, does that mean that we have to keep breathing stale Air, with high quantity of carbon dioxide? Please help me know whether an AC really purifies the air or it just cools and circulates the old air.
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• Romania
23 May 08
Personally I believe it does help.
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• India
23 May 08
well...! was expecting a detailed reply... personally i also like to believe that an (split) AC helps to purify air but i need more proof to get convinced!
• Cape Coral, Florida
7 Nov 13
Air conditioner extract the hot air and cools the room. It will not circulate the same air, and for hygienic indoor air quality, regular maintenance and cleaning of condenser and pump is needed.
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