My little brother is going to Iraq

@cynddvs (2950)
United States
May 23, 2008 12:11pm CST
I've just spent the last 2 hours on the phone with my stepmom. She called to let me know that my little brother and his wife are being deployedto Bahgdad in September. They are both in the Air Force stationed in Phoenix right now. My brother is going to be part of the military police in Baghdad guarding the airport and inspecting cars that come through there. My SIL is a nurse so she will be more on the front lines helping wounded soldiers. I think I'm just in a total state of shock right now. I haven't seen my little brother in 5 years. The last visit I made out there he was going to boot camp so I only got to see him for one day. And last summer when my family came here for a visit him and his wife couldn't get off from work to come for a visit. I'm just really hoping I can round up enough money to be able to go visit him before they are deployed. I would like him to be able to meet my husband and daughter. I'm trying not to have a gloom and doom attitude about this. But I also realize that he will be gone for at least 120 days and when he comes home for visits it will probably just be for short times so it will be hit and miss on when we can see him. I'm just really trying to stay positive through all of this despite the fact that I'm against the war. It's just so hard because I haven't had anyone close to me have to go over there until now. And this is just making it way too real and just making me that much more mad about the war. For those of you that have friends and loved ones over there how do you stay positive for them? I'm having such a hard time with this but I don't want my brother and his wife to see that.
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
24 May 08
Hi cynddvs! I am sorry to hear that my friend! I really don't know anyone who is stationed there right now but I am hoping and praying that your brother and sister in law will be fine and safe. And I hope that the war there and everywhere will end so that all soldiers will come home safe to their loved ones. Take Care and God Bless!
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• United States
23 May 08
I dont have a loved one right now in Iraq, but I can understand the schock that you must feel. Try to stay positive knowing your brother is protecting us here at home. Also try to think that whoever gets elected is looking into ending the war soon. Look at your brother as a hero! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!