I guess I just donn"t understand Jealousey

@missbdoll (1167)
May 23, 2008 10:09pm CST
I donn't mean the type ina love type relationship.I meam the kind were people are jealous of what other people have or are doing.I was talking to freind the other dayand she mention ed anoyjer woman we know, who is just so jealous of other people, evaen thou she; quite "well off" and has a beautiful and and can pretty much do whatever she wants.Neither of us can understand it.I just donn't get why people are jealous like that.
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@lilaclady (28225)
• Australia
24 May 08
Yes affairs of the heart I can understand a bit but being jealous of what another person has is so sad...I remember years ago one of my friends got pregnant, one of my other friends was so jealous she went out and deliberately got pregnant even though she wasn't married and I have seen a few women since get very jealous or maybe clucky to a point they just have to have another baby...