Any one get paid by and bux3!!!

@anujain75 (1059)
May 23, 2008 11:18pm CST
I am a free member of both and bux3.I have requested money from 3 months back and from bux3 two months. But till today I have not received money.Anyone from mylot received money from these two sites.In how many days you receive the money. Please do not put any personal link to this discussion otherwise mylot delete this discussion.
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29 May 08
I have been paid twice by The first time I waited exactly 30 working days and the second time was paid the same day. I have now been waiting about 30 days for my next payment. I am an upgraded member I have not yet been paid by Bux.3 but I only requested payment about 30 days ago and I am just a standard member.
• India
29 May 08
i have been paid by 2 times. You can see the payment proofs in my blog. Most I dont know any user who has not been paid by ( that is people who cashed out before dec 15th 2007) Any way i cannot guarantee that they will keep paying all the users. Recently they have been pushing people to upgrade and get the card. Upgraded users with card are being paid quicker. They are also coming up with some new script which will reduce the waiting time... (so they say) I'm conducting a poll on in my blog and most of the people have voted in favor of them. As far as bux3 is concerned, i cannot guarantee you any thing... most probably its a scam!
@setroc (853)
• Philippines
24 May 08
wow, i think i was right on putting on hold bux3 and first til i got paid in, im nearing payout there 6 dollars, if going to reach payout first on that site and see if they pay me, if not, well its time wasted
@yellows (245)
• Malaysia
24 May 08
Both of this and bux3 pay their member so long and I have a feeling that this site potentialy will not paid their member. On my requested payout still not paid yet since 4 months ago, bux3 almost 5 months not paid yet. I included that rerequested payout.