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May 24, 2008 5:51am CST
Would you say there is such a thing as "perfect" parents? My life as a parent is never easy. I would say, this is one of those great professions where no proper school curriculum was ever made.For most of us who enter parenthood..Learning by first hand experience IS OUR CURRICULUM. For me,Its a trial and error thing. Me and my husband try some of the strategies that worked for our parents when they were parenting us.Some of them we omit or integrate.OR we apply some parenting styles shared by wise and older parents that we know. While some of them, we apply those we read from parenting books or hear from parenting sessions we've attended. With all these, nothing is ever guaranteed as PERFECT and equally EFFECTIVE.There is no guarantee also that my children would grow up to be the "perfect" children I would think them to be. I believe its because each child is individually different.Each human being is unique And no one is ever like the other. Whenever i have my own trying times with my children esp with my two young teens, everything i have learned from the ones mentioned above, just flies out of the window and what remains is how well you and your child have established yourselves in the relationship as parent and child all through the years you've been together.My parenting style isn't as perfect either..and this is what i always tell my kids::"lets both work this out.help me understand you and i hope you understand clearly that I love you and i want nothing else but what is best for you."" the blah blah goes on but still..my silent prayers for them are always in full force... and i think it shall always be..for a lifetime.. for me Thats the one thing that has always been effective.
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@neknek (250)
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24 May 08
well, i'm not a parent and i certainly do not think that my parents are "perfect" (you know, a happy couple with good jobs, beautiful house, good life, great, almost non existent problems, and if there is, it usually can be solved at dinner or before the day ends, like a cheesy sitcom).. but for me, they are perfect in a way.. if they weren't the way they were.. i might not end up like this.. i do like myself a lot and i inherited traits from both my mom and my dad.. just as long as a parent does his/her best to raise their child, then they will be the best parents for their child.
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25 May 08
you are correct there..your parents must be very proud of you :))