what kind of student are you? ^^

May 24, 2008 7:05am CST
in my highschool days im an absentee and lazy ones. i cut classes and seldom do my homeworks.. i've been to guidance for being an absentee and for cutting classes. got caught once smoking inside the classroom.. =) so what student are you? =)
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• Italy
24 May 08
in my elementary days i always have the passing grades but its a big challenge for me...in highscool i realized that i can excel with them.. as long as u have the determination and ur mind is set for the goal,, you can make it.. (humbly speaking)im doing my best to make it better cause its just only once that you past by n ur school you can't take it back the times you failed and lost it.
• Canada
24 May 08
I'm more of the studious type of student. I'm in my last year of high school and ive worked really hard this past year to gain admission into university. Most of my motivation comes from my need to pursue a high understanding of the things around me.